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Tweets of the Week: Evertonian delirium, Mbappé memefying Pique, and the referee who fronts up

The funniest tweets from the world of football this week, featuring Everton’s win over Liverpool at Anfield in the Premier League, a mad pre-match fan hype video, Kylian Mbappé turning Gerard Pique into a meme, and the referee who literally butted heads with a player. 

All I will say about this video is, she’s lucky Everton won. 


I think the Everton players may have enjoyed that one. 

Tom Davies must have taken his lucky skateboard with him to the ground. 


Ah, so that explains Mo Salah’s diving. 


90’s Gold: The underappreciated brilliance of Aston Villa’s 1996 League Cup heroes

At least Thiago put up some great numbers. 


If this doesn’t illustrate what a weird season it’s been, nothing will.  


When the camera catches you at the exact wrong moment:

Half of a pundit’s job is just repeating the same three or four phrases to fill air time. 

The longest unbeaten away runs in Premier League history

Maybe they need to get them debating the big topics of the day, like Kim and Kanye’s divorce. 

The game definitely needs more referees getting shirty with players. 

Fair play to Alan Judge for the classy response. 

With Phil Neville and Ryan Shawcross joining Inter Miami, David Beckham’s new MLS club will be the heighth of glamour. 

Long throws and leg breaks: How Stoke vs Arsenal became the Premier League’s strangest rivalry

Kylian Mbappé’s battle with Gerard Pique set off a new meme trend. 

This one captured the moment perfectly. 

That photo of Mbappé and Pique says everything you need to know about where PSG and Barcelona are

Never thought I would be saying there’s too much football on. 

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Yves Bissouma: The all-action midfielder to turn Man United into legitimate title challengers

We’ve all been there. 

This child probably has the right idea, to be fair to him. 

Arteta’s Wengerball: The shades of Arsene in Arsenal’s recent victory over Leeds

How to beat the trolls:

Harsh but fair?

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