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Tweets of the Week: DCL’s shin pads, football clubs as biscuits, Pro Evo coffee

The funniest football tweets of the week, featuring the mystery of what Dominic Calvert-Lewin uses for shin pads, what biscuit best represents your football club, Pro Evolution Soccer, and the James siblings. 

Ah, so that’s what he’s got in there. 

Speaking of biscuits, here’s the most scientific thing you’ll read all week. 

We need Pro Evo graphics for everything, to be honest. 

Back down to Earth: The worst ever Premier League title defences by points difference

England won 5-0 on Thursday but we all know the real winner. 

Looking forward to the big day.

Iconic Performances: The night Zinedine Zidane dominated Brazil

Ray Parlour should be your compass in life. 

The struggle is real. 

Golazo Merchants: The silky skilled assassin, Dimitar Berbatov


The James Family is taking over.

Celebrate every goal like you’ve just won the World Cup.

Now or never? Is it time for Harry Kane to leave Tottenham?

Kevin De Bruyne is a great footballer. Unless you’re from Wales. Then he’s a pest. 

No statistic could better show the disparity in quality between two teams. 

Five of the best Serie A strikers of the 90s

What a photo. 

The Over-40’s Club: English football’s greatest quadragenarians

Sometimes football just sucks. 

And sometimes it gets things right. 

How Newcastle United went from Keegan’s Entertainers to Dalglish’s Dad’s Army

Great matchups, terrible time slots. 

And lastly, a message from Fred. 

Read: Farewell, Frank Worthington: A footballing crooner who entertained the masses

See Also: England’s best right-back options assessed ahead of Euro 2021

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