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Six Premier League records that could be equalled or broken this season

A few records have already tumbled this season, but there are a bunch more that could be equalled or broken before the Premier League campaign is over. 

The longest run of league matches without defeat: 49

Currently held by: Arsenal

Could be equalled by: Liverpool

We never imagined Liverpool would get this far or be this good, but now that they are, we have to consider the very real possibility that they are going to smash every record in sight to smithereens.

At the time of writing, the Reds have gone 41 league matches without defeat, which means they are just eight matches off the record for the longest unbeaten run in Premier League history, set by Arsenal’s Invincibles in 2004. Liverpool could emulate that great side even further by going the rest of the season without defeat.

Likelihood: Likely.

The longest unbeaten runs in the history of English football

Most assists by a player in a single season: 20

Currently held by: Thierry Henry

Could be equalled by: Kevin De Bruyne

Many have tried, and many have failed, including Kevin De Bruyne. The closest the Belgian has come to equalling Thierry Henry’s record of 20 assists in a single Premier League season was in 2017/18, when he provided the final pass for 18 goals. Mesut Ozil and Cesc Fabregas have also come incredibly close in recent years, but they faded just as the finishing line came in sight.

De Bruyne has previous form in this department, though: he broke the Bundesliga record in the 2014/15 season, providing 21 assists for Wolfsburg. The midfielder is currently on 16 assists with 14 games to go – he’s going to do it, surely?

Likelihood: Pretty likely.

Five players with the most assists in a single Premier League season

Most wins in a single season: 32

Currently held by: Man City

Could be equalled by: Liverpool

Having won 23 games with another 14 to go this season, it seems unlikely that Liverpool would not get the nine wins necessary to equal Manchester City’s record from the 2017/18 season when they reached 100 points.

The Merseyside outfit could, of course, equal or better that points haul this season, but the question is: if they win the league by March or April, will they just shut off and concentrate on the Champions League? Or will they have enough quality to bypass the opposition from here until May?

Liverpool could also finish the campaign with the fewest draws overall (currently on one, the record is two) and the fewest home draws (currently on zero, the record is also zero) in Premier League history.

Likelihood: Quite likely.

Five players with the most Premier League wins ever

Longest winning run in the Premier League: 18

Currently held by: Man City

Could be equalled by: Liverpool

Liverpool have already had one run at this record this season, but fell one win short. Remarkably they are on their second go already, having won 15 in a row. No club has ever broken or equalled their own club record winning streak twice in the same season, but they appear primed to do so.

Likelihood: Really likely.

The six longest winning runs in the history of the Premier League

Club with the most promotions to the Premier League: 4

Currently held by: Middlesbrough, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, Sunderland, West Brom, Norwich City

Could be broken by: West Brom

The only Championship who could manage to break a Premier League record this year is West Bromwich Albion. The Baggies have enjoyed a strong campaign under Slaven Bilic and currently sit second in the table, which would see them automatically promoted if they remain there at season’s end. The team has struggled for form of late, although they are pretty much guaranteed a playoff at the very least.

Likelihood: Reasonably likely.

The clubs who have won promotion to the Premier League more than anyone else

The most relegations suffered by a Premier League club: 4

Currently held by: Middlesbrough, Crystal Palace, Sunderland, Norwich City, West Brom

Could be broken by: Norwich City

Norwich City have endured something of a yo-yo existence in the past two decades, securing promotion before swiftly plummeting back down to the second tier. This has happened four times to the Canaries, with any given spell in the top flight lasting no longer than three years.

Daniel Farke’s side currently lie bottom of the table, and while it’s not outside the realms of possibility for them to survive this season, it’s only a remote possibility. They would need to start playing to a level they have not shown thus far this season to finish outside the bottom three.

Likelihood: Very likely.

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