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Tweets of the Week: Managers as pub regulars, Ronaldo Schadenfreude, Nat Phillips’ noggin

The funniest football tweets of the week, featuring English football managers reimagined as your local pub regular, Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit from the Champions League, Piers Morgan’s meltdown over Meghan Markle, Roy Keane meets Oprah, and Nat Phillips’ heading heroics.

Ever wondered what it would be like to go to the same pub as a football manager? Wonder no more: 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Why Zaha is no longer taking the knee – and why it’s important

That cheeky Pep Guardiola buttered Scott Parker up nice and good before stuffing him at the weekend. 

Liverpool overcame RB Leipzig in the Champions League, but they’ll have to deal with more German opposition later in the competition. 

The Champions League records that have come tumbling down in 2020/21

They should manage just fine with Nat Phillips’ noggin batting everything away.

Schadenfreude levels were dangerously high in midweek when Juventus were unceremoniously eliminated by FC Porto. 

Player Analysis: Can Callum Hudson-Odoi become a generational talent?

At least Cristiano Ronaldo put in a top-class performance by the important metrics. 

What a wonderful transfer it has turned out to be. 

The slow death of the selfish number 9: Why centre-forwards are going out of fashion

How you know there’s an absolutely perfect round of Europa League games. 

Piers Morgan came after Meghan Markle this week, and lost. 

“It might take 10 years” – Michael Gray on Sunderland’s new owner and the path back to the Premier League

I guess he couldn’t handle the heat. 

This is how bad Piers Morgan is.

Golazo Merchants: A man of flawless technique, David Beckham

This is the real interview we need to see. 

Childhood memories. 

90s Gold: The underappreciated brilliance of Aston Villa’s 1996 League Cup heroes

Lionel Messi has chosen his next destination after Barcelona. 

If only.

We’ve all been there. 

Truly iconic innovation. 

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