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Tweets of the Week: Real do it again, Mourinho returns, hilarious football ad drops

I guess it’s time for another round of the week’s best football tweets after the club season finally came to a close on Saturday.

Here we go.

Real Madrid won the Champions League despite not being the better team for the majority of the match. Where have we seen that before?

There can only be one plausible explanation for it: witchcraft. 

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Luka Modric and Toni Kroos cemented their place as arguably the greatest midfield partnership ever. Just the 11 Champions League medals between them. 

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Carlo Ancelotti was Everton manager not that long ago. He’s since won his fourth and fifth Champions League winner’s medals and having the time of his life. 

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Great tune. 

This might be the best football advert created in years, decades even, ahead of Euro 2024. All Scotland aren’t we. 

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Jose Mourinho will return to football management next season with Fenerbahce. We expect fireworks. 

There are added benefits to moving to Turkey, of course. 

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The Special One could reunite with former Man United midfielder Fred. 

Borussia Dortmund had the backing of every neutral ahead of the Champions League final – then they went and signed a sponsorship deal with a weapons manufacturer. 

Has any club ever destroyed so much goodwill in one go?

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A new trend is sweeping the Premier League. 

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How major football transfer news is broken in the modern age:

Not even praying to multiple gods was enough to win a trophy for Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia. 

Nothing else will top this moment in 2024. 

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Hansi Flick already regrets taking the Barcelona job after being forced into partaking in this nonsense. 

Paul Mescal knows his way around an interactive tactics screen, you can tell. 

Former US President Donald Trump was convicted on felony charges this week. He’s fallen a long way from the heady days of drawing teams for the 1992 League Cup. 

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Look, I don’t wish to cast aspersions, but this looks a tad suspicious. 

Absolutely incredible scenes in Greece after Olympiacos won the Europa Conference League. 

They were never going to lose to a team managed by someone whose name sounds like an FM regen. 

Arne Slot is now officially the Liverpool head coach, but he has a long way to go before the fans take him to their heart like they did with Jurgen Klopp. 

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The Liberal Democrats say they want Premier League on free-to-air television – the most ‘it will never happen’ policy of all time. 

They did absolutely roast Rishi Sunak with this one, though. 

The Labour Party, bless their hearts, tried the same, but it doesn’t hit the same. 

Some underpaid intern has probably had to put this one together. 

Southampton are back in the Premier League, so we’ll be seeing a lot more of this guy. 

And if you’re thinking “I recognise that lad”, this is probably why.

Club legend and prolific tinfoil hat wearer Matt Le Tissier was in Wembley to see it happen. 

As if losing the Play-Off final wasn’t bad enough, poor Leeds United are getting rinsed by the Currys admin. 

Renan Lodi tie Neymar’s shoelaces in knots as part of a prank, so Neymar slashed his tyres in response. Seems like a little bit of an overreaction. 

The Scotland game was stopped by an anti-Israel protester this week. 

Greenland have to go to great lengths (literally) just to play a football match. 

You wouldn’t get this in the Premier League. 

Aston Villa revealed their brand new crest. 

It’s been a busy week for the Villans. 

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