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Tweets of the Week: Klopp out, final day is here, racoon invader

Here are the best and funniest tweets of the past week from Football Twitter. 

Jurgen Klopp is ready to leave, get this man out of Liverpool already. 

But we may still see him lurking in the shadows of Merseyside. 

Three essential Fantasy Premier League tips ahead of GW38

These are the moments we live for as football fans. 

Raquinho the Racoon running around the field for five minutes is the greatest moment in MLS history. 

Blazing a trail for all the young racoons out there. 


The final day of the Premier League isn’t what it used to be.


So you’re telling me there’s a chance?


And people want to complain about corrupt referees in the Premier League? It’s got nothing on the Netherlands. 

Max Allegri was sacked by Juventus after the most chaotic trophy celebrations of all time, and my man is completely unbothered. What a king. 

My guy is having the time of his life. 

Who knew Southampton fans were such Hardy Boyz enthusiasts?

Zizou could still do a job for Real Madrid. 

The Nottingham Forest owner has the same tattoos as your ma’s boyfriend. 

The Lord is a shithouse. 

Aston Villa have qualified for the Champions League, something that wouldn’t have been possible without that infamous moment against Sheffield United four years ago. 

Man United fans are spreadsheet fiends now. 

At least they still have the glory days of finishing 19 points behind Man City to reminisce on. 

Antony is a weird dude, right?

Doing his bit for the team.

Sent it for a sandwich. 

Say what you will about Jose Mourinho, the man is a quote machine. 

Absolute scenes. The kind of moment you dream of as a kid. 

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