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Tweets of the Week: Liverpool, Neil Warnock and Bale the troll

The best tweets from the world of football this past week, featuring Liverpool’s league title celebrations, Neil Warnock returns, and an unlikely spectator at Elland Road. 

You probably haven’t heard, but Liverpool won something or other this week. 

We think Jurgen Klopp celebrated with just a glass or two. 

How Jurgen Klopp unshackled the burden of history to lead Liverpool to glory

Not all of the celebrations were as wholesome, unfortunately. 

But we all know the big news of the week was the return of Neil Warnock to football management. 

This version of the video might be even funnier somehow.

Meanwhile in Leeds…

Arsenal saw what David Luiz brings to the team and there was only one way they were going to react.

There are also rumours that Mesut Ozil will also sign a new deal at the club, which will go down well surely.

The best Premier League stats of the week: Liverpool, Martial and Kane

Gareth Bale is surely trolling Real Madrid fans at this point. 

Lionel Messi: Pretty good at football. 

Luis Garcia is somehow twice as handsome now than when he was an active footballer. 

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