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Five of the Premier League’s worst away and third kits in 2020/21

Every football fan looks forward to seeing their brand new kit each season, but sometimes they don’t live up to expectations. 

And with most clubs releasing three kits a year, it feels like the success rate is dropping all the time. There have been many excellent ones this season, but some are abominations.

The Premier League’s worst away kits in 2020/21:


What exactly were Nike smoking when they designed a Crystal Palace jersey for their new third kit? Just a spectacularly bad decision to copy a local rival, but the inability to even make it look nice tops it off. Get in the bin.

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There were high expectations from Nike when they took over from New Balance as Liverpool’s kit manufacturer, and while the home and away kits are pretty good, the third one misses the mark. There’s just a little bit too much going on with this checkerboard effort.

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Man United

As casual wear, this jersey actually works. If music festivals were still a thing right now, you could see people sporting it on the first day of Glastonbury. But as a football kit, it is objectively bad. Still, the marketing that Adidas has done for it has been pretty cool, so we won’t lay into them too harshly.

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Newcastle United

Puma describe Newcastle United‘s new away kit as “fizzy yellow”, but in reality it just resembles a Watford kit that faded after too many washes. The home kit, as ever, would be dynamite if it wasn’t for the wojous sponsor emblazoned across the middle of it, while the purple third kit is actually a decent effort.

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Take away the blue… whatever it is, and you have a really nice, plain, white away jersey. But for some reason Adidas lost their minds and filled in the torso with a colour that clashes with the gold details.

One clever Wolves fan created their own bootleg replica of the jersey, which looks well better if we’re being honest. The club sent him a real one though for his creativity.

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