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Midfield Magicians: Santi Cazorla, 5 foot and 4 inches of pure brilliance

Santi Cazorla proved one of the most popular Arsenal players of modern times, a midfielder who possessed an effortless brilliance and formed part of a sensational generation of Spanish midfielders.

Cazorla was amongst the dilutive dictators who helped transform how football was viewed at the height of tiki-taka, an era where technical talent far outweighed size and stature in the confines of a pitch.

Few players have ever been as wonderfully two-footed as the Spanish star, whose manipulation of the ball made him a firm favourite at clubs including Villarreal, Malaga and later Arsenal.

Injuries may have robbed the footballing world of Cazorla’s absolute pinnacle, but he remains a fondly remembered talent and one well worth celebrating.

Our Midfield Magicians series looks back on the captivating career of Santi Cazorla.

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