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“He’s one of our own…” – Twitter reacts to Declan Rice choosing England over Ireland

Declan Rice’s declaration that he was switching international allegiance from Ireland to England received a huge response on Twitter, some of it angry, a LOT of it very funny.

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few hours, you’re aware of the announcement of a certain West Ham United defensive midfielder over which country he has chosen to play for.

Yep, after months and months of speculation, Declan Rice picked… England. Football fans took to Twitter to express their delight, anger, confusion and memes on the #Decision, with predictably hilarious results.

England fans were naturally delighted with the decision: 

There were a lot more Ireland supporters who, unsurprisingly, were not:

Others meanwhile pointed to the major problem in all this, which is FIFA’s eligilibility rules allowing a player to switch allegiance despite being capped:

Meanwhile, some chose to see the upside of the whole episode:

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