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Ryan Giggs’ brother, Mike Dean’s wedding suit, and Maguire vs Son: Tweets of the Week

The funniest and best football-related tweets from the week gone by, featuring a bizarre advert from a bookmaker, Fulham’s future summed up in one sentence, Luton Town’s lovely stadium, Mike Dean’s antics, Barcelona virtually admitting their entire team was bad on Sunday, and the birth of the Harry Maguire/Son Heung-Min finger-pointing meme.

1. Rhodri Giggs wants you to know he’s not bitter, at all.

2. Gazing into the crystal ball.

3. When football grounds are literally a part of the community.

4. The club shop stopped selling these precisely 0.1 seconds after this appeared on the telly.

5. Getting value for money with live sports? Pfft.

6. Guardiola’s fascinating explanation of his starting line-up and formation against Arsenal. 

7. Sterling just out here doing his thing: ruining lives.

8. Mike Dean is that guy. 

9. When official club Twitter accounts roast their own players.

10. Something tells me we’ll be seeing a lot more of this meme format in the future.

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