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Tweets of the Week: That feelgood factor, Peak Everton, and the Môn Maradona

The best and funniest tweets from the world of football this week, featuring a heartwarming act of kindness, the Arsenal granny, Kylian Mbappe tries his ‘hand’ at cheating, and the new Welsh Wizard.

Football is bloody brilliant sometimes, isn’t it?

You’re bloody right it is. 

Proper fan, she is. 


Another feelgood tweet, but maybe, just maybe, clubs should be giving mascots jackets in the first place.

This week bore witness to Peak Everton.


Premier League Weekly Awards: Mings’ winner, Rod’s rasper & United’s new no.1

I knew it was Paul Pogba’s fault, even when it was Ed Woodward, I knew it was him!

Vincent Kompany is sick of your shit, to be quite honest with you. 

If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. 

Poor Luke Shaw is getting it from all angles. 

No, yeah, I’m fine, I’ve just got something in my eye. 

Now that’s how you tackle. The finish wasn’t half bad either. Mel McGinniss is the Môn Maradona.

Okay, one last feelgood tweet and then we’re done for the week. 


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