Jamie Carragher, Sky Sports TV pundit and former Liverpool player.
Jamie Carragher.
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Tweets of the Week: Carragher’s awkward moment, Kate Middleton, Ben White snub

We are back with the best tweets of the week from Football Twitter. 

Last week was a banger, can this week’s column live up to it? Let’s see.

Jamie Carragher was responsible for one of the most award moments ever captured on a live football show. 

Kate Abdo responded in typically classy and brilliant fashion. 

Tim Sherwood ran Carragher close for the worst comment on a match broadcast. 

Important team news regarding Kate Middleton. 

That explains it. 

Ben White refused a call-up to the England squad from Gareth Southgate. I’m sure the reaction to his decision was completely fair and level-headed…

Meanwhile, Kalvin Phillips can’t even get a look-in. 

Southgate names England squad

Lovely scenes in Bournemouth as Tom Lockyer returned to a standing ovation. 

Brighton took a swing and a miss on the banter front this week. 

Atalanta showed them how it’s done after they were drawn with Liverpool in the Europa League. 

This is why they call it the beautiful game. 

If they and Leicester City make it to the FA Cup final, then we could be in store for an incredible couple of days. 

Coventry gunning for glory after shocking Wolves at the death

That’s a neigh for me, Clive. 

The Cheltenham Twitter admin had one job – write the words ‘Fergie Time’ – and they couldn’t even get that right. 

I think they need to go back to the drawing board with this title. 

This has to be the best football statistic ever tweeted. 

Quincy Promes is a stupendous moron.  

Perfect commentary, no notes. 

Jordan Henderson has never come closer to punching an interviewer square in the face.

This tracks. 

This is how you flirt. 

Nigel Adkins is a delight. 

Imagine conceding a game winner like this in the last minute of the game. You’d hang up your boots. 

Everyone who captained Dominic Solanke in FPL last week. 

Fantasy Premier League: The best chip strategies

Nottingham Forest are determined to break PSR just to sign reserve goalkeepers. 

Liverpool’s affinity with Cork grows by the day. 

Liverpool starlet praises Klopp & Van Dijk influence

The Reds beat the snot out of Sparta Prague on Thursday. 

The perfect name for Stoke City’s home. 

You can’t help but read this in Big Ange’s voice. 

The cat is probably easier to listen to, to be fair. 

A legend bows out.

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