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Fantasy Premier League: The best chip strategies ahead of the double gameweeks

With Fantasy Premier League getting closer and closer to the business end of the season, how you use your FPL chips becomes more and more important. 

Planning is absolutely essential as you don’t want to be caught on the hop when rank, mini-leagues or just plain pride are on the line in the closing weeks of the campaign.

GW34 is a confirmed double gameweek; Arsenal, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Everton, Liverpool, Sheffield United and Wolves will play twice. Spurs, however, will blank.

GW37 will be a double gameweek, although the fixtures have not yet been confirmed. Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City, Brighton, Man United and Newcastle will play twice that week.

Tottenham and Chelsea are also projected to double in either GW35 or 36, but there is the possibility of a triple gameweek for both sides.


There is a lot to consider, so we’re here to make things a bit clearer and simpler for you.

FPL GW31 Deadline: Tuesday, 2 April, 18:00pm GMT.

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Fantasy Premier League: The best chip strategies

Every strategy is contingent on what players you have in your squad – and what chips remain in your deck – so it’s important to note that these strategies are not a one size fits all solution. You need to assess your squad, see what you need, and go with the plan that suits those needs.

A large percentage of FPL managers will have already used at least one chip so far this season, but some of you still have all of your chips intact. We will now run through when is the best time to use the second Wildcard (WC), Triple Captain (TC), Bench Boost (BB) and Free Hit (FH).

Remember, you can only use one chip in a single gameweek.

All chips left

If you have all of your chips left, then I don’t know how you’ve managed it, but you’ll want to start using them pronto. The beauty is, all options are open to you.

You should probably wildcard now and get a good mix of players from teams who double in GW34 and GW37. While many FPL managers will have to consider selling Son Heung-min and other Spurs assets ahead of the blank, you can keep them and use your FH to temporarily get rid of them in GW34.


Of course, you might look at your team and find it is more advantageous to BB in GW34, but GW37 is probably the one you want to target for that chip.

That just leaves your TC. Ideally, Chelsea and Spurs have another DGW and don’t triple in GW37, as Cole Palmer and Son would be excellent candidates for the supercharged armband. Man City do host Luton in GW33 if you’re comfortable putting it on Erling Haaland for a single gameweek.

Wildcard, Free Hit, Bench Boost

See above, but without the TC chip. It makes sense to WC now, FH in GW34, and BB in GW37.

If you’re happy with how your squad looks right now and don’t think a WC is necessary, then the alternative is dead ending your FPL team into GW34, use the FH chip that week before wildcarding in GW35 to load up on DGW players for the BB.

Fantasy Premier League: Double gameweek fixtures in GW34

Wildcard and Bench Boost

If you’re in this situation, you’re probably frustrated about how your FPL chips have gone up to now. Free Hitting in GW29 was a bit of a dud, while neither Erling Haaland or Dominic Solanke delivered as Triple Captains in previous DGWs.

There are two strategies in front if us. The first is to wildcard now to load up on the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and a selection of the other teams who double, before using the BB in GW34. The problem is you have to forego Spurs’ players and ignore the teams who double in GW37. With only three transfer deadlines between the two DGWs, you may be forced into taking hits.

The second strategy is wildcarding in GW35 to set up for a GW37 BB. This makes it harder to get Mo Salah in now if you don’t already have him, but it makes your transfer strategy on the backend of the season a bit more clear cut.

Fantasy Premier League: The best times to use your FPL chips

Wildcard only

If you’ve gotten this far, you already know the best times to activate the WC. But I think it makes most sense to use it now to get a good mix of players who double across GW34 and GW37.

The drawback is that things happen, players will get injured or suspended between now and then, so keep that in mind. The later you leave the WC, however, the less impact it can have over the final stretch.

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