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Tweets of the Week: FIFA ratings, FPL returns, Arteta's genius, and Vardy's grifting

The best tweets from the world of football from the past week, featuring the annual furore over the latest FIFA video game, the return of Fantasy Premier League, a visual representation of Mikel Arteta’s effect on Arsenal, and Jamie Vardy being Jamie Vardy. 

EA Sports’ player ratings were as popular as ever this week.

He has a point, you know.

Meanwhile, it was like Christmas Day for all the FPL nerds. 

The best value-for-money players in FPL

I don’t think they’re doing it right. 

Five FPL players we expect to explode this season

Not even sure the people who run FPL know what they’re doing. 

15 tips to help you succeed as an FPL manager

Mikel Arteta’s effect on Arsenal is clear to see.

He’s a tactical mastermind, of course. 

Jamie Vardy is here to party. 

Finally, some proper leadership on this pandemic. 

Amazing how the coronavirus knows the rules. 

The admin needs to up his game. 

Our Premier League predictions for the 2020/21 season

I knew I had seen that new Wolves jersey somewhere before.

Turkish football is at it again. 

Let’s end on a niche reference.

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