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The expert’s view: Why are Adidas bringing back retro boots?

Adidas has revived its iconic Predator and F50 boots this year, sparking an unprecedented frenzy among football enthusiasts worldwide. These retro boots have sold out instantly, generating the most hype seen in the football boots market over the last decade.

This phenomenon is reminiscent of 2014, when Nike introduced the first-ever sock boots, marking a peak in football boot culture. So, why are football boot technologies reverting to classic designs?

To delve deeper, we spoke to Boots Plug, a renowned boot expert and collector who has been at the forefront of the football boots resale market for the last five years.


His list of clientele across the last 12 months has included Crystal Palace winger Michael Olise and the reigning African Footballer of the Year, Napoli forward Victor Osimhen.

YouTuber ‘Chunkz’ is another to have picked up a new take on an old classic, such have been the popularity of the retro boots market. Amid the nostalgic wave that has swept over the industry, Boots Plug shared his insight into the current trend.

“People have a strong sense of nostalgia,” Boots Plug explained.

“The Predator boot revolutionised the market during its initial introduction and some unforgettable football moments were created in them. Everyone remembers watching legends like David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane wearing the originals with the iconic tongue. Recently, players like Jude Bellingham and Trent Alexander-Arnold have brought them back into the spotlight, reigniting that nostalgic flame.”

Nostalgia plays a significant role in the renewed interest in retro boots. The evolution of football boot technology has seen many advancements, but the classic designs hold a special place in the hearts of fans and players alike.

“There’s a cultural shift,” Boots Plug noted. “People are increasingly yearning for the simplicity and familiarity of older designs. The Predators are a prime example – they’re loved so much that they sell out every single time, and the demand is overwhelming.”

Adidas’ decision to bring back these classics has not only catered to nostalgic fans but also posed a significant challenge to competitors, including Nike. Historically, Nike have been reluctant to reintroduce older models, focusing instead on innovation and new designs. However, the success of Adidas’ retro boots collection may force Nike to reconsider their strategy.

“If Nike doesn’t respond to this trend, they risk losing significant market share to Adidas,” Boots Plug warned.

“Adidas is dominating the football boots market right now, both in terms of revenue and cultural relevance. If Nike doesn’t step up and embrace the nostalgia trend, they could find themselves falling behind.”


Adidas’ move to bring back the Predator and F50 boots highlights a broader shift in football boot culture. The blend of nostalgia and performance is capturing the hearts of football fans worldwide, proving that sometimes, looking back can be the key to moving forward.

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