Premier League confirm vaccination figures as players seemingly overcome initial fears

The Premier League has for the first time confirmed the division’s Covid-19 vaccination figures with players seemingly overcoming initial fears regarding the vaccine.

Premier League officials have released a statement confirming that 81% of players have received at least one dosage of the vaccine, whilst 68% of the division’s players are now fully vaccinated against coronavirus.


The statement added that vaccination rates are collected on a weekly basis and the Premier League ‘continues to work with clubs to encourage vaccination among players and club staff’.

Football’s authorities had been keen for players to be vaccinated against the virus with the Premier League having considered whether to ‘reward’ clubs with a high percentage of vaccinated players and staff.

It was reported last month that only seven of the 20 Premier League clubs had at least 50 percent mark of vaccination, with Gareth Southgate saying that some players have been susceptible to conspiracy theories.

Wolves were the first Premier League team to confirm that 100% of their staff had been vaccinated,  whilst Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola are amongst the names to have publicly supported the vaccine, the Liverpool boss saying that anti-vaxxers are akin to drink drivers.

There has been hesitancy from some names within English football, however, with Republic of Ireland international Callum Robinson admitting he would not receive the vaccine earlier this month, despite the forward – who plays for Championship side West Brom – having previously contracted Covid-19 on two occasions.

However, the latest figures appear to be a sign that player perception and wariness of the jab is waning.

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