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Appreciating the 13 players involved in 100+ goals at a Premier League ground

As he closes in on the record for most Premier League goals for Liverpool, Mohamed Salah also recently joined another exclusive club.

In doing so, he joins an illustrious members’ list of players to have had a massive impact at their home stadiums in the Premier League era.

So let’s look at this list and pay our own small tribute to what is a unique, yet phenomenal achievement. 

Here are the 13 players involved in over 100 Premier League at a single stadium

Mohamed Salah – 72 goals and 29 assists at Anfield

As one of two entries on this list belonging to the ‘why didn’t we give him more of a chance’ academy at Chelsea, Mo Salah has been a revelation and recently joined this particular ‘100 club’ after he scored in his sides’ 2-0 Merseyside derby win.

Arriving on the advice of Sporting Director, Michael Edwards based on a turn of form at AS Roma, Salah arrived for a fee believed to be around £40 million almost 6 years ago.

Since then, he’s made that right-forward spot his own – cutting in whenever necessary to provide his team with the X-factor they needed to pursue their goals. Speculation insists that perhaps his time at Anfield will come to an end but whatever happens, he will do so having provided a Champions League, Premier League and memories to last a lifetime.

Robbie Fowler – 85 goals and 15 assist at Anfield 

From one Anfield hero to another, few club heroes will be able to claim that they’ve matched Robbie Fowler’s deified status as the ‘God’ of Liverpool.

As natural a finisher as you are likely to see, the Toxteth boy came good with over a century of goals during his first 8 professional years on Merseyside.

Controversial moves to Leeds and Manchester City did little to dampen the love fans maintained for him during that time, and that momentous year-long return in 2006/07 has cemented that legacy. As did 85 goals and 15 assists at his beloved Anfield.

Alan Shearer – 83 goals and 18 assists at Ewood Park 

The only man to feature twice on this list by himself, it’s worth remembering that had it not been for a near-career-ending knee injury during his time at Blackburn, then this tally could be even greater. Still, 83 goals and 18 assists isn’t a bad return.

Bearing in mind, this occurred through only three real, uninterrupted seasons at Ewood Park during a period dominated by a certain Manchester United side.

It has been made clear since that then-owner Jack Walker used the ‘arrogance’ of teams like United as fuel to take his Blackburn team to untold riches, and though it didn’t last as long as the fans would have liked, they can thank Alan Shearer for what they had. 

Kevin De Bruyne – 40 goals and 61 assists at the Etihad 

Joining Mo Salah as the only other current player on this list, it’s interesting to think where Manchester City would be without the pivotal signing of Kevin De Bruyne.

Having pinched the backroom staff of the famous ‘tiki-taka’ Barcelona side in the seasons prior to his move, Begiristain and Soriano worked hard to recruit manager Pep Guardiola to join them. But understood that they needed additional leverage on their side.

Regular assurances were made behind the scenes that Pep would have who and what he needed to succeed. But the advanced signing of Kevin De Bruyne was a testament to that promise. And his over 100 goal involvements at the Etihad are nothing but a formality.

Didier Drogba – 69 goals and 33 assists at Stamford Bridge 

The ultimate ‘big game’ player. Of course, Didier Drogba had to make this list.

During his time at Chelsea, then-manager Jose Mourinho came under some undue criticism for playing with only one striker, where most clubs adopted the traditional 4-4-2.

69 goals throughout his duplicitous tenure at Stamford Bridge alone proves that perhaps the Portuguese was right all along. And as far as club legends go, few strikers appear to be as universally loved by Blues fans as the Ivorian.

Dennis Bergkamp – 46 goals and 66 assists at Highbury

But for the longevity of a certain Welsh winger in Manchester, Dennis Bergkamp would (unsurprisingly) boast the greatest number of assists on this list.

That being said, 66 assists at Arsenal’s elder Highbury stadium is a fitting number. It surely would have been more had the North London side gotten their act together a little sooner, but that sort of hindsight-based thinking rarely gets you anywhere in this world.

In reality, the stars aligned perfectly. Bergkamp’s own career was stuttering in the stifling environment that was ‘90s Serie A, but it happened to coincide with an identity-less Arsenal side ready for a new dawn under Arsene Wenger. In the end it all worked out well.

Alan Shearer – 97 goals and 20 assists at St James Park 

Not only is he statistically the greatest goalscorer the Premier League has ever produced, but Alan Shearer can also claim to be Newcastle’s best goal-getter too.

Much has been made of Shearer’s two failed attempts to join Manchester United, but the then-record £15 million move in 1996 stands out the most. Zero Premier League titles and even fewer continental records illustrate the balance of scales tipping in Sir Alex’s favour.

However, to the ‘sheet-metal worker’s son from Newcastle’ who spent his formative years in the Gallowgate End dreaming of wearing that No. 9 shirt, no feeling could be sweeter than that of performing for the future versions of himself. We bet that his only ‘regret’ could be not adding further to his 97 goals and 20 assists in front of St. James’ Park.

Steven Gerrard – 69 goals and 51 assists at Anfield 

A career as illustrious as Steven Gerrard’s deserves to be remembered properly.

The infamous ‘slip’, or ‘he said, she said’ loyalty test with Chelsea cannot and should not discount the weight of this man’s name in conjunction with Liverpool Football Club.

In modern times, perhaps Robbie Fowler comes closest to him, but his ‘through thick and thin’ approach for over 17 years (around 10 of which was spent as captain) and 120 goal involvements at Anfield is a defining point in his footballing legacy as a player.

Frank Lampard – 79 goals and 52 assists at Stamford Bridge 

It’s fitting that Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard would find themselves so close to one another on a list like this. If only that harmony transitioned onto the actual football pitch, then maybe England would boast at least more than one World Cup Final since ‘66.

Nevertheless, just as much as Steven is a credit to his favourite club, Frank is to his. As you’d expect, Lampard is the highest-scoring natural midfielder on this list with one shy of 80 goals at Stamford Bridge.

And in line with this, it’s no wonder that the most successful and revered period of the club’s modern history coincides with the Englishman’s prime years as their No.8.

Sergio Aguero – 106 goals and 26 assists at the Etihad 

Defined by a moment which arguably goes down as the greatest to ever take place in the Premier League era, the name ‘Aguero’ simply translates to ‘goals’ at the Etihad.

Beginning his Manchester City career with 2 goals and an assist in a commanding 4-0 win over Swansea, change occurred anywhere and everywhere around the great Argentine, yet he was one of very few constants in a squad and club that was always changing in a bid to keep up with themselves.

Overall, he managed to score 106 times at the Etihad in a decade’s worth of employment in East Manchester. And try as Erling Haaland may, they still ‘cannoh replace him’ in the hearts of the City fans who’d suffered the lows of the past to enjoy the highs he brought.

Ryan Giggs – 50 goals and 84 assists at Old Trafford 

The positional development of Ryan Giggs is the archetype to which most wingers should compare themselves, should they wish to enjoy the longevity he did.

He played 963 professional games for his boyhood club Manchester United, and never really looked like leaving. Then again, who would be in their right mind to leave Old Trafford during their time of indulgence in the peak of the Sir Alex Ferguson era?

50 goals and 84 assists reaffirm that ‘Giggsy’ made the right choice, and other numbers like that rank him in conversations even higher than this one.

Thierry Henry – 114 goals and 37 assists at Highbury 

The ‘Invincible’. The ‘CEO of Va Va Voom’. Thierry Henry was a different breed.

Scoring a hat-trick on the final day at the Highbury stadium to earn European status was a fitting way to bring the curtain down on a legendary period of Premier League football.

That famous section of North London has seen many great things. Including a couple of league and cup doubles, plus that wonderful ‘Invincibles’ side. The power of which revolved around the enigma that was Thierry Henry. Fans lucky enough to get a ticket to his show got to see one or more of his 114 goals and 37 assists at home.

Wayne Rooney

Among the many things Wayne Rooney represents for the football world, he also carried the mantle for his club in what was a hark back to the ‘good old days’ under Sir Alex.

Manchester United looked as though they’d lost their way for a brief moment since the glories of ‘99. Forsaking team balance and continuity for the glittery big names that could be attracted with their newfound status as the unequivocal best in the world.

A few ‘transitional’ years knocked at the door before the record signing of Wayne Rooney slammed it shut. 101 goals and 50 assists soon followed, including the pick of the bunch in the form of an overhead kick against loudening local rivals, Manchester City. Paraphrasing Martin Tyler’s commentary, it’s arguable that his whole time at United ‘defies description’.

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