Lampard calls for use of pitchside monitor after weekend of more VAR controversy

Frank Lampard has said that the use of pitchside monitors would be ‘a way forward’ for VAR after yet another weekend of controversial decisions.

After weeks of being told that the Premier League had set a high threshold for VAR intervention, with the Stockley Park team refusing to overturn a number of highly contentious decisions over the opening weeks of the season, this weekend seemed to go in the complete opposite direction, VAR getting involved on a number of occasions, and still not coming up with the right decision.

Manchester United, Brighton and Crystal Palace were all beneficiaries of highly contentious decisions in their respective matches, VAR overruling the on-field referee’s decision for seemingly minor offences, though pitchside monitors haven’t been used in any of the opening 100 Premier League games.

However, speaking ahead of their Carabao Cup tie with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s United on Wednesday night, Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has urged the games’ decision-makers to find the ‘middle ground’ and thinks that the use of the monitors would be ‘a way forward’ to improve the accuracy of refereeing decisions.

“I assumed when it came into the Premier League that would be the case, and it is at the point now where I think they have to,” Lampard said at his pre-match press conference.

“It is not easy. Even with VAR, there is an element of the human involved because they are the ones who are checking it and it is slightly opinion. At the weekend we saw it flip slightly the other way from what it had been, with some decisions being changed, and hopefully we find the right middle ground as soon as possible.

“Looking at a monitor on the side of the pitch is a way forward.”

The former midfielder also echoed the thoughts of James Milner, saying that the video technology is spoiling the atmosphere within the stadium, with fans forced to wait to have every goal confirmed by the video ref.

“It is one of the facts of VAR that I think is slightly disappointing, that we have taken away that element of the game where you have that spontaneous celebration moment,” Lampard added.

“That is a bit of a shame so with the balance of can we get the right decisions and that moment is something we all toy with a little bit.

“That is why we are a little bit on VAR’s case week in week out because if we have it, we want it to be perfect, and that is what we are working towards.”

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