‘We have a real problem now’ – Klopp slams use of VAR in Premier League

Jurgen Klopp has slammed the use of VAR after the technology once again proved controversial during Liverpool’s 2-1 win at Aston Villa on Saturday.

Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino saw what looked a legitimate goal disallowed via the technology in the first half, despite appearing to be level with Aston Villa defender Tyrone Mings, a decision with which the Premier League have confirmed was given due to Firmino’s ‘armpit’ being offside.

Klopp has blasted the decision, and the Liverpool boss admits the Premier League now has a ‘real problem’ with its usage of VAR after several controversial incidents over the opening weeks of the new season.

‘Look, we have now a real problem. We won 2-1, that’s why, for me, it’s not that serious. But now we talk about serious moments, very important moments in football,” Klopp

‘It is not the right way that we sit here, talk about it and everybody wants to laugh about. It’s not to laugh about, to be honest. For that it is too serious. Managers get the sack for losing football games. It’s just like this.

‘I don’t want to make it bigger really than it is, but in fact we just have to clarify it. I don’t say anybody is doing it on purpose or whatever, we just have to clarify it. My analysts showed me after the game, I didn’t see anything and now I heard it. Whoever did it is not doing it on purpose but at the end, we need to sort a couple of things obviously.

‘The handball situation with Targett, nobody talks about that because it was not whistled. Imagine if it would have been whistled and then we would have talked about it. But nobody whistled it, we didn’t say anything. Was it a penalty? The shot is here, the shot hits the arm, so in a good old time it was a penalty!

‘Sometimes it’s in your favour and sometimes it’s against you, that’s how it is. That’s not a problem. But we have to make sure the new system helps the game and not confuse it, that’s all. But I think that’s in the interests of all of us.’

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