Brendan Rodgers

Video: 10 of the funniest Brendan Rodgers quotes

Brendan Rodgers has been known to make a bit of a fool of himself with his embarrassing lines over the years. 

There is a reason why Brendan Rodgers has been compared to David Brent, the cringeworthy character at the centre of the BBC’s The Office from 2003-05.

The Celtic manager comes across as a thoroughly likeable character, but he is liable to giving an unintentionally hilarious quote, the kind of one where you try to seem clever or insightful, but in reality it just sounds naff.

When the Northern Irishman said that football management is akin to building “an aircraft while it is flying”, it was exactly the kind of middle-management guff the television series was attempting to satirise.

The difference between Rodgers and Brent however, is that the former is actually good at his job.

Despite his meme-ability, Rodgers’ managerial acumen should be respected, having achieved success with Swansea City, Liverpool and Celtic.

Still, we don’t mind if you have a chuckle at his expense.

Watch our video of Brendan Rodger’s funniest quotes: 

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Words by Ste McGovern

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