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Five of the best independent football podcasts to listen to while in self-isolation

The Premier League, along with the FA and the EFL, recently announced that all football will be postponed until 30 April at the earliest – and in all likelihood it won’t return until well after that date. 

That means no top-flight football, no Champions League and no Euro 2020 this summer either. My friends, we could be without the beautiful game for a long time so long as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the UK and the rest of the world.

The hours usually spent on weekends and weeknights watching football have created a vacuum that few of us are sure how to fill, but in an attempt to find a solution we are creating lists of football-related things you can do to pass the time. This writer has collated some of the most engaging, amusing and thought-provoking football podcasts out there to get you through this.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Indeed, there are countless numbers of football podcasts that are equally deserving of your attention. The ones you see here are mainly based off my own listening habits.

Five of the best independent football podcasts to listen to:

Football Today

A twice weekly pod that doesn’t get swayed by the daily onslaught on football news and narrative, instead choosing to delve deeper into the most interesting stories in the sport. At twenty minutes an episode it is a very easy listen and you should get through their whole catalogue of fascinating topics relatively easily.

Listen to our latest 90’s Football Hall of Fame podcast on Juninho

The Price of Football

Ever feel like the financial side of football is too complicated to grasp? Unless you’re an accountant or an economist, it can be difficult to know what means what when it comes to football business. In the age of multi-million pound television deals and Financial Fair Play, it’s never been more important to understand what it all means for your club and for you as a fan, especially during a pandemic.

Thankfully university lecturer Kieran Maguire, referred to as “football finance’s fucking Rain Man” by one club owner, and comedian Kevin Hunter Day have the solution: the Price of Football Podcast. Every week they follow the money behind the beautiful game, something that will become very relevant in the coming weeks and months as clubs deal with having no matches to play.

Tino Asprilla could win a match on his own – if he felt like it

Outside Write

When it comes to football travel, history and culture, Outside Write is unmatched in the world of podcasting. With an extensive back catalogue of episodes that cover the UK, France, Spain, Ireland, Italy and a whole lot more, this is really the show to get under the skin of the game, exploring off-pitch matters on a weekly basis.

Host Chris Lee, a self-described “increasingly club-agnostic fan” of football, is joined by an array of fascinating guests talking about equally fascinating topics.

A tribute to the Everton cult hero who subbed himself on in an FA Cup semi-final

Under The Cosh

A humorous take on the week in football from a diverse group of characters, all from different parts of the world but settled in Canada. They have strident opinions and often disagree, but ultimately their friendship and camaraderie shines through.

Kanchelskis was Man United’s secret Soviet weapon in the nineties

Set Piece Menu

The deliciously titled Set Piece Menu podcast is described as “four friends talking about football over food”, the four being TV presenter Hugh Ferris, New York Times writer Rory Smith, commentator Steven Wyeth and former Manchester City and Everton full-back Andy Hinchcliffe.

Each member of the podcast is currently involved in football media so they are well placed to talk about the state of the game and how it’s covered with intelligent, well-informed and delightfully warm discourse.

And lest we forget, you can also listen to our podcasts every week on all good podcasting platforms:

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