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UK and Irish bid for 2030 World Cup in doubt

The joint-bid from the UK and Ireland to host the 2030 World Cup is in doubt with authorities unsure of the proposal’s chances of winning the hosting rights.

There is increasing doubts over whether a joint-bid from the UK and Ireland will be submitted for the tournament, with leading figures believing a bid to host the World Cup would be ‘doomed to failure’ as a result of politics and perceptions towards English football.


England made a bid to host the 2018 World Cup but were eliminated in the first round of voting after receiving just two nominations, an embarrassment that figures within English football particularly are keen to avoid a repeat of.

The Mail are reporting that £2.8m will be invested into a study to discuss the merits of a bid, one that will focus on six areas, including budgeting for the tournament and cost apportionment, stadia across the five countries in relation to FIFA standards, security, governance, and the socio-economic benefits of holding a major competition.

‘Winnability’ will also be crucially assessed and there are fears that the joint-proposal will struggle to attract votes given ‘post-Brexit attitudes towards the UK’ and the strong economic stability of the English game.

The troubling crowd scenes that greeted the Euro 2020 final – of which England have been given a one-game stadium ban – are not believed to have struck a ‘fatal blow’ to the hopes despite reports to the contrary.

It will not be revealed until April at least whether the UK and Ireland will press ahead with plans to host the 2030 World Cup, though the early voting strength from Europe is believed to be in a joint bid from Spain and Portugal.

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