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No one can quite believe that Sheffield United haven't scored against Aston Villa

The Premier League finally returned on Wednesday evening but it didn’t take long for the first controversy to rear its ugly head. 

In a game with few clear cut chances, Sheffield United seemingly took the lead after Ollie Norwood sent a free-kick towards the back post. Aston Villa goalkeeper Orjan Nyland caught the ball, but lost his balance while holding the ball, taking it over the line.

The visitors began celebrating what they felt was a clear goal, but referee Michael Oliver didn’t see it cross the line and the usually reliable goal line technology, for some inexplicable reason, didn’t inform him that it was a legitimate goal.

Play went on and the half-time whistle was blown not long afterwards, but it left everyone watching bemused as to how a goal was not awarded to the Blades. Naturally Twitter was quick to react to the bizarre moment.

VAR could have overruled the GDS, but for some unknown reason did not take action. 

Nothing like a pointless football controversy to take your mind off a pandemic.

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