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Andy Cole discusses 'bully' Graeme Souness and his agenda against Paul Pogba

Andy Cole has branded Graeme Souness a ‘bully’ and has hit out at the pundit’s agenda against Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba.

Cole endured a difficult relationship with Souness during his time playing under the Scot at Blackburn, with the forward previously revealing he left the club after being ‘victimised’ by the Rovers manager.

The former England international even reported Souness to the Professional Footballers Association following his treatment of the striker, and has now reignited the pair’s feud with a scathing assessment of a man he describes as a ‘bully’.

“My issue with Graeme was back then, Graeme was a bully. And I was basically saying to Graeme ‘It doesn’t work like that, I have grown up different. Bullying don’t work’,” Cole told The Beautiful Game podcast.

“I took up a challenge against a man I really held no fear to. Graeme is old-fashioned, he’s very old-fashioned and he’s very set in his ways.

“He was an unbelievable midfield player back in his day, but when a man is set in his way with the way he used to play and the way his team-mates used to play, he looks at the game totally different to what it is now. And that is him.”

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Cole also spoke on Souness’ continued criticism of Pogba, with the Frenchman having become a constant and well-documented target for the former Liverpool midfielder since moving into punditry.

“When he talks about Pogba, I get frustrated,” the former Man Utd striker added. “I am one of Paul Pogba’s biggest fans and when people constantly have a go at him, I am disappointed.

“Yeah he hasn’t played as well as he would have liked but a man won’t win the World Cup unless he can play the game. He’s got every attribute.

“I hope he stays at United for many years to come and proves to individuals who speak about him in that tone what he is all about. He is a quality player and whatever Graeme has got against Paul, only Graeme can answer that question.

“Not every player can play like Graeme Souness but not every player can play like Pogba.”

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