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Scholes defends Mourinho stance in Pogba row

Paul Scholes has lept to the defence of Jose Mourinho in his ongoing battle with Paul Pogba.

It has been a week full of headlines dominated by the Manchester United pair, with Mourinho stripping the Frenchman of the vice-captaincy, before publicly berating him during an open training session regarding his social media activity.

While Paul Scholes hasn’t always been the biggest fan of the current United manager, he has defended his actions, saying that the £89m was the one in the wrong.

“I think that’s something you probably see all the time on the training ground behind closed doors. The fact that it’s obviously on camera didn’t help that situation,” Scholes said on BT Sport before Manchester United’s 3-1 defeat to West Ham.

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“I think the manager was right to have a go at him then. What he was doing the night before when United are playing, getting beat and he’s smiling and laughing and putting stuff on Instagram.

“I think he’s well within his rights. I think it happens a lot at football clubs every day but this time it was just caught on camera.

“He won’t realise he’s done anything wrong, he’ll go in with a big smile on his face [thinking] ‘what’s the problem?’”

Scholes also criticised Pogba for questioning Mourinho’s tactics last week.

“I don’t think any player – how good they’re playing, whether they’re playing every week or not – I don’t think they should be questioning the tactics,” he added.

“It’s been a funny couple of years for him, he’s been very inconsistent we know that. We know he’s got great ability, we know theres some great players in the team.

“You just wonder when he’s going to put all that together and play four out of five games very good instead of two out of five games which just isn’t enough.”

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