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Carragher explains why no relegation argument from PL strugglers 'doesn't really sit well'

Jamie Carragher has voiced his concerns over the stance of the Premier League’s bottom clubs and has explained why their no relegation argument ‘doesn’t really sit well’ ahead of a potential return to action.

Football remains suspended indefinitely at present amid the coronavirus crisis but talks are continuing over a safe return for the sport, with the Premier League having discussed the possibility of playing remaining fixtures at neutral venues behind-closed-doors.

Several of the division’s struggling sides have expressed concerns over the proposals given a lack of home advantage, though there has been a suggestion that clubs would be more willing to return if the threat of relegation was removed.

Carragher has voiced his disappointment at that stance from the league’s lesser sides, believing the club’s previous strong resistance on safety grounds has been diminished by their seemingly selfish views on relegation.

“The thing that disappoints me is that a couple of weeks ago I wrote a newspaper article about the bottom six clubs being vocal about reasons the league shouldn’t go on, and they were legitimate reasons,” Carragher said on Sky Sports The Football Show. “I think everyone in the Premier League had them, in terms of fan safety, player safety, testing, taking things away from the NHS.

“What really got me off the back of the last meeting was that it has since emerged that the clubs weren’t opposed to neutral venues; because as soon as relegation was taken off the table, it was fine to play at neutral grounds.

“Those clubs around the bottom lost a bit of their argument when that came out. For so long they’ve been vociferous speaking about reasons, and that’s what we want.

“The teams at the top find it very difficult to talk about the season going on because it looks insensitive, whereas it’s completely different for teams at the bottom.

“But a lot of that, when they said it was OK to play at neutral venues when relegation was scrapped, I just thought it really ruined their argument.

“I think they lost a little bit of sympathy, the teams at the bottom, who have been arguing about different, legitimate reason why they shouldn’t play. But as soon as relegation was taken off the table they were fine with it. That doesn’t really sit well.”

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