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Mourinho does his maths in response to Klopp’s ‘results machine’ comment

Jose Mourinho has responded to Jurgen Klopp’s comments about Tottenham’s ‘results machine’ with some impressive maths regarding his time in charge.

Tottenham travel to face Liverpool tomorrow evening in a huge top-of-the-table clash between the Premier League’s top two, the two sides separated by just goal difference ahead of their meeting at Anfield.

Ahead of what promises to be a fascinating encounter, Reds boss Klopp has been full of praise for the north London side, describing the league leaders as a ‘results machine‘ following their success so far this season.

Mourinho has now responded to the praise from Klopp and has downplayed his side’s start, insisting Spurs must produce consistently for a prolonged period of time before they can accept such labels – though praised his side’s progress in their limited time under his management.

“I am the same guy, nothing changed, it’s just perception,” Mourinho told his pre-match press conference.

”Jurgen says that because if you look to our results this season, we lost one in the Premier League and we lost one in the Europa League so our results are very positive.

“But I think it’s too early, and the period of good results is about a few months and a results machine of course is much more than that. A result machine is what Liverpool has been for the past couple of years, a result machine was what my Chelsea was in the period we won the two consecutive titles.

“We are a good team that works hard but I would say Liverpool is the result of if I’m not wrong 1,894 days of work with Jurgen. 1,894, if I’m wrong I’m wrong by a few days.

“We are the result of work of 390 days, but these 390 days are fake, because probably lots of these days were not even days of work but days of quarantine, days of being at home unable to work. So from almost 2,000 to 300. For us to be able to compete at the level we’re doing I can only give credit to the players and be very, very happy with what they’re doing.”

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