Mourinho blames his defence for Manchester United’s attacking woes

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has hinted that it is sides lack of defensive stability that is stopping him implementing a more attacking approach at Old Trafford.

The Portuguese coach has often been criticised for his pragmatic playing style since taking over at Old Trafford in the summer of 2016, with many fans complaining that he is breaking from Manchester United’s more attacking traditions.

However, Mourinho reckons that a team needs to be defensively solid before they can start to focus on improving their attacked.

“We will try. We are going to try, you know,” Mourinho told a press conference ahead of his sides Premier League clash against Burnley today.

“It’s a process that has risks especially if you make the defensive mistakes that breaks that dynamic.

“The teams that are really, really good offensively are the teams that are very, very solid from the back.”

“They play the way they play, and we play the way we play. I don’t even want to try to say something in relation to that. They are what they are and we are what we are.

“Against Tottenham, we were really positive and really strong and I think the opponent, a very good opponent, felt that and felt they were really in trouble. But two defensive mistakes in five minutes lost the game for us.”

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