Matthaus tells Pogba – You’re no Steven Gerrard

Germany legend Lothar Matthaus reckons Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is too preoccupied with himself to be a proper leader.

Matthaus captained Germany to World Cup glory in 1990 and won the Ballon d’Or in the same year, so he knows a thing or two about what it takes to lead a top class team.

However, the former Bayern Munich and Inter Milan midfielder thinks that Pogba will never be able to be a leader in the mould of Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard because he just doesn’t take things seriously enough.

“People ask whether Paul Pogba can be a leader or a captain at Manchester United,” Matthaus told FourFourTwo.

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“He is a key player, a good player and he plays in the right position, but for me he isn’t a real leader like (Steven) Gerrard.

“You have to be really serious all the time – you can’t always be everywhere on social media.

“For me, Pogba shows too much of himself. I can’t say he’s a player who can push the team, because he’s focus so much on himself.

“If you want to be a captain or a leader, you always have to give the feeling that you’re thinking for the team, not just yourself.”

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