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Carragher: Neville is right to hammer Manchester United

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has backed his Sky Sports sparring partner Gary Neville, who ripped into his former club last night following reports that Jose Mourinho was on the brink of being sacked.

News broke last night that Jose Mourinho is set to be sacked by Manchester United after today’s Premier League clash with Newcastle, regardless of the result, prompting a furious and impassioned reaction from former England and United right-back Gary Neville, who called the Red Devils ‘rotten to the core’.

While officials from United have since denied the speculation surrounding their manager, Neville’s criticism of the club, and more specifically its hierarchy, still stands.

Now the dust has settled on Neville’s passionate outburst, his Sky Sports colleague Jamie Carragher has agreed with his assessment, although he has said that the players and manager need take a share of the blame too.

“I think he is right – although there’s more problems than just the board,” Carragher told Sky Sports’ Soccer AM.

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“He knows Manchester United better than anyone. He’s as passionate about United as any fan. You can see that in the interview.

“I think people love it when a pundit speaks so passionately – it’s emotional. He’s not putting on an act – it’s real the way he feels about his own club. I couldn’t argue with what he said.

“You do have to look at the players, are they doing enough? The manager himself, too. Gary has defended Jose Mourinho. I think we all feel for managers as they are the ones in the spotlight and deal with all the criticism. They are the ones in front of the cameras three or four times a week answering questions, other people can hide behind that.

“Everyone at Manchester United has got to do a lot more.

“They are great supporters at Manchester United – they haven’t really turned on the manager or the players too much as it hasn’t been good enough, nowhere near good enough for Manchester United – the results and the football being played.

“I said on Monday Night Football it can get to the stage where it becomes untenable and you have to make a change for everybody. I hate the fact that players can get a manager out – I said that he’s lost the dressing room but I don’t like saying those words. As a player, you just go out and play. I didn’t play for a manager, I played for Liverpool and I wanted to win for myself and the club.

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“That’s what those players should be doing. As a manager, your job is to manage, including managing the dressing room and the team.

“There’s fingers to be pointed at everyone.”


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