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Man City or Liverpool? Our writers predict how the Premier League title race will go

Predictions are notoriously fraught with danger, but we like danger.

We are finally down the home stretch, folks. Just 11 eleven games featuring Manchester City or Liverpool remain in this exception of a Premier League season, where we not only have a relegation battle and a fourway fight for the top four, but a rare title race as well.

The margins are so close, with the Reds just two points off their closest rivals, who have a game in hand. The Merseyside outfit are still in Champions League contention, while City are still competing on all fronts, having reached the FA Cup final this month.

Will the extra games have an effect on them? Or will Liverpool crack under the pressure of winning their first league title in almost three decades?

We asked our writers and podcasters to predict every one of their remaining fixtures, as well as their thoughts on who will win and why, and they had some interesting answers. Five out of eight believe there will be just one point in it, but only two predict that both clubs won’t go undefeated right to the end. Here’s what they said.

Our Premier League Title Race Predictions:

Colm Boohig – Man United fan

I’ve said it all along and, in tribute to Brexit, I’m not going to change my mind now even if it makes sense to reassess and go again. Despite the momentum seemingly swinging towards Merseyside, I think Manchester City will successfully defend their Premier League title for the first time in their history. The reason? Their squad and their self-belief.

It will be very tight but I think City will win it by the skin of their teeth. Although I think Liverpool do want it more, I don’t think City will slip up while also never really convincing. It will be an anti-climatic win in City’s favour.

premier league title race predictions

Peter Henry – Man United fan

First up, it’s been good to have a proper title race for a change, but as much as it pains me to say it, I think the title is headed to Anfield. Those last minute wins against Everton and Spurs just make me think Liverpool’s name is on the trophy. Growing up I always thought it was a bit sad how badly Liverpool fans wanted Man United not to win the League — not anymore, now I get it.

premier league title race predictions

Karl Gwilliam – Spurs fan

I always thought Liverpool could be the only team to push City for the title and this season has proved that theory right. Liverpool have been brilliant to give City such a tight and exciting race but I just think they will fall short. The reigning champions will eventually retain the title by 3 points.

premier league title race predictions

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Harry Diamond – Liverpool fan

After years of one horse races, it’s nice to have a proper title fight, especially when my team are involved! Fittingly, the last real title was was between Liverpool and Man City going head-to-head in 2014, and we all know how that ended up. Liverpool seem to be grinding out wins at the moment, though I think the Champions League will play a huge part. I tipped City from the beginning, though Liverpool are in a great position. Can they finally hold their nerve?

I’ll stick with City, but you won’t find a happier man to be proved wrong!

premier league title race predictions

Ben Guest – Man United fan

Despite the relentless pace both have set at the top of the table all season, neither seem to be at their absolute exciting best right now, although both have an uncanny knack of grinding out results.

For me, Liverpool seem to have relied on a little bit of luck at times this season. I’m thinking of Jordan Pickford and Hugo Lloris’ last-minute mistakes in particular, while City have had a little more consistency, and it’s why I think that they will retain their Premier League title, although it may only be won by a single point.

premier league title race predictions

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Anthony Kelly – Liverpool fan

It’s been a hugely exciting race for the title this season. I genuinely believe it’s essential to the Premier League’s DNA, that we avoid years of Manchester City simply running away with it. Liverpool deserve enormous credit for matching City blow for blow so far.

While it’s hard to see them dropping too many points on current form Manchester City’s immense strength in depth and experience will probably still be enough to get them over the line and defend their crown in May. Liverpool’s mental hurdle could also hurt them despite their resilience thus far and excellent run of form.

premier league title race predictions

Danny Ward – Liverpool fan

I’m going to just plump for Liverpool. I say that with very little confidence, but I just feel they’ll shade it on the last day. City are a better side but for me their run-in only really starts now and it feels like Liverpool have been engrossed in one for a while. As a result they look battle-hardened and ready to do whatever it takes to get over the line in games. City’s run in is by the far the toughest on paper and I feel it may be down to our mates down the M62 to do us a solid. Here’s to hoping anyway.

premier league title race predictions

Ste McGovern – Fulham fan

I’ve looked at the run-in for both sides innumerable times and I keep changing my mind. Both Man City and Liverpool are so good that the rest of their games are eminently winnable, and you wouldn’t be surprised if they went unbeaten from now until the end of the campaign.

I think there will be a slip-up on either side though. I can see City losing once more, and Leicester City at home just feels like a classic banana skin. There will also be one more draw in them, but I found it hard to discern who. Burnley are arguably the weakest team they have to face, but at Turf Moor with their survival on the line, the Clarets could squeeze a point out of them.

For the Reds, I can see one more loss, and it’ll be either Chelsea or Wolves. But if they get to the last day with their destiny still in their own hands, I reckon they will do it. I don’t have any desire to see them do it, but knowing that it would cause many a Man United fan’s head to explode is solace enough for me.

premier league title race predictions

Result: Man City 5, Liverpool 3

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