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Lampard reveals he wants Chelsea to be ‘aggressive’ in attack and defence

Frank Lampard wants Chelsea to play with aggression both offensively and defensively this season.

Lampard’s reign at Stamford Bridge will begin with a trip to face Manchester United on Sunday, and ahead of the clash the Chelsea boss has discussed the way he wants his side to play this season.

The 41-year-old wants his side to train with intensity and play attractive football, whilst the former England international has called for the Blues to be ‘aggressive’ in both attack and defence.

‘My big idea is how we train,’ Lampard told his pre-match press conference.

‘I want us to train how we want to play, to replicate that, even if I don’t think you can turn the switch on and off when you play.

‘I want energy in my team. I want us to have possession of the ball. We have players who have the quality to handle the ball, but I don’t want it for possession’s sake. I want us to be an exciting team to watch so we can move the ball through the pitch quickly, and create chances.

‘Then of course we have to be an aggressive team off the ball. We have to be a team who teams don’t like playing against because of how hard we work off the ball, and don’t like playing us because we’re really good on the ball. You can always strive for more in both departments.’

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