Klopp remains positive VAR use in Premier League will improve

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp remains positive that VAR in the Premier League will improve and become a success.

The video assistant referee technology was once again at the forefront of this weekend’s action, with several controversial incidents including a seemingly legitimate goal for Liverpool‘s Roberto Firmino disallowed during their late win at Aston Villa.

Many feel that the use of the technology has failed to benefit the game in the opening weeks of the new season, Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher this week admitting he is no longer a fan of VAR after yet another weekend of controversy.

Despite its critics, Klopp believes that VAR will improve in time and is confident that the introduction of video assistants can eventually become a success.

“I think you all expected a proper improvement from VAR. I still think that’s possible,” he said on Monday.

“We all expected as well there will be a couple of problems in the beginning. I was not in Germany when they started VAR, but I am still pretty close and realised in the first year it was difficult there as well, but it is getting better and better and better.

“They do some things different to England as well; not better or worse, just different. There were some moments when it was clear offside, clear handball and all that stuff and you say, ‘OK, that’s why we wanted it’ or because we want clarification, that’s all.

“When it came up, we thought, ‘OK, good’ – good decisions, sometimes for you, sometimes against you but the right decision. I think in the moment we discuss much more after games about ref decisions than we did without VAR and I don’t think that was the real reason for it, so it’s clear we have to obviously improve that all together.

“I think that is on its way, a couple of meetings will happen. It is difficult for us to be part of meetings because we have a pretty busy schedule, but as much as we can help from the football side, we will try. We will see what happens.”

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