Jack Grealish, The Prodigy and James McClean: The best football tweets of the week

The funniest and best football-related tweets from the week gone by, featuring a pitch invader, a twisted firestarter, the GOAT, and bringing new meaning to the term headbanger. 

Terrible dive from Jack Grealish, there.

The Prodigy will live on in all of us. Some more than others.

Jurgen Klopp is never going to live down those comments about the wind, is he?

Even when Piers Morgan isn’t being a dope, he gets owned.

This explains so much about Queen’s Park Rangers fans. 

Speaking of QPR supporters…

Must be all those blows to the head.

Top bins doesn’t even come close to describing this goal. 

Possibly the best piece of skill you’ll see today.

Petty? Me? Never. 

Thought this was Lionel Messi for a second.

Wait, what just happened?

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