What next for Gareth Bale? Three possibilities for the Welsh winger

Gareth Bale appears to be on his way out of Real Madrid, and there are three Premier League clubs who could be ready to bring him back to English football. 

There can be no argument that, in terms of trophies, Gareth Bale’s sojourn in Spain has been a success. There is simply no other way to describe winning three consecutive Champions League winners medals and a league title to go with it.

The Welsh forward’s time in Madrid has been plagued by injuries, however, and there is a feeling amongst Los Blancos fans that they have not seen the best of him. The club’s recent exit from European competition has only increased the scrutiny on Bale, who has been offered up as a scapegoat in the aftermath.

The Spanish media have derided Bale for supposedly having a poor attitude and being arrogant even before then, while teammate Thibaut Courtois criticised him for not integrating with the squad, despite being at the club for over five years.

The 29-year-old undoubtedly enjoys the warm climate, money and prestige that comes with being a Real Madrid player, but it feels as if the time is coming where he will have to leave the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu and return to the Premier League. He won’t come cheap, so which teams could realistically afford the exorbitant transfer fee and salary comes with his magic feet?


If romance were real, then Bale would be reunited with the Tottenham faithful, his one true love, who accept him despite his faults and absences because deep down inside they know there is a beautiful player ready to blossom at any moment.

Romance most certainly does not exist however, Gareth Bale does not love you back, and he’s never ever returning to north London. Unless it’s to score a hat-trick against his former side for one of either two rival teams.

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A pending transfer ban could affect so many moving parts in this summer’s window, not just for Chelsea themselves, but for other clubs too. For instance, in their quest to eventually replace Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid have dangled Bale in front of the Blues in the hope they’ll give up Eden Hazard in return.

If Chelsea’s appeal to CAS is successful, or if it even just delays the implementation of the ban for this summer, then this deal could happen. But if the ban is implemented from this year on, then Real have to start from scratch. The only other problem? Bale apparently doesn’t want to move to Stamford Bridge.

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Man United

Bale has been linked with a move to Manchester United countless times over the years, but no offer has ever materialised. Until now, apparently.

Reports in Spain are suggesting that the Welsh star is pretty much on his way to Old Trafford in a deal worth over £100m once the transfer window re-opens.

While United certainly have the funds to make such a deal happen, last year’s refusal to buy Toby Alderweireld at Jose Mourinho’s behest suggested the club were no longer interested in buying aging superstars at a huge cost. Alexis Sanchez has been a huge bust since joining the club last January, earning in the region of £350,000 a week all the while.

Given Bale’s history of injury problems, would United really want to take the risk of bringing in another overpaid attacker past his peak?

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