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Ceferin questions Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus’ continued pursuit of Super League

Aleksander Ceferin has questioned Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus in the trio’s continued pursuit of a European Super League.

European football was rocked by the announcement of plans for a breakaway competition last April, with the proposal including 12 of the continent’s leading clubs, including the Premier League’s ‘big six’.


The plans were met with huge criticism and led to an apologetic withdrawal from several sides, though Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus have refused to distance themselves from a potential Super League despite the backlash the announcement received.

UEFA president Ceferin has discussed the trio and their perseverance with the proposals, comparing the clubs to flat-Earthers for their continued refusal to admit defeat on the project,

“I don’t have a problem with them (Barcelona, Real and Juventus),” Ceferin told Le Journal du Dimanche. “But after they stabbed me and UEFA, I think it’s up to them to call.

“In the same way that the earth is flat, they still think the Super League exists.

“At the same time, they were the first to sign up to play in the Champions League this season. A bit strange. But if they asked for a meeting, I would sit down. There’s nothing personal behind it.

“But the only things we hear from them are lawsuits that have no place. They’re trying to put pressure everywhere.”

“Nobody wants it (the Super League) except the few who think that football is all about money.”

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