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Ranking all 20 of the Premier League’s third kits in 2023/24

Third kits aren’t a new phenomenon, but they have exploded in popularity in the Premier League in recent years. 

It was very common for the previous year’s away kit to take that spot, and it would just be called the alternate and only used when there was an unavoidable clash.

Now your club absolutely has to have a third kit. Or a European kit. Or an anniversary kit. Or just go crazy and have one of each in a single season so you lose count of how many you have by the end of the year.

Mega deals with manufacturers mean that every last penny has to be squeezed out of the fanbase in order to get a return on investment. And they don’t come cheaply.

The constant churn of jerseys means we get a lot of repetition and dilution, but at least with third kits we do see them try something outside the box.

We’ve looked through every Premier League club’s latest release to see if that is the case.

Ranked: The best third kits in the Premier League in 2023/24

20. Sheffield United

The Blades got some bloody nice third shirts out of Adidas, but Errea have just stuck the club crest on a plain white tee and left it at that. Zero marks for zero effort.

19. Aston Villa

This didn’t start out life on this list so low, but the more we looked over the kits the further it kept falling down the rankings. It’s not the worst Aston Villa top we’ve ever seen, but Castore produce poor quality jerseys with poor designs.

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18. Newcastle Utd

Newcastle have had some absolutely rotten third kits through the years, so credit to Castore here, this isn’t among them. But it still looks cheap and unsightly.

17West Ham Utd

It’s not a bad looking top, but it also looks like a designated training shirt.

16. Chelsea 

A bit dull, but at least the mint looks fresh.

15. Wolves

As far as Castore jerseys go, this isn’t the worst.

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14. Tottenham

There’s not much to say about Spurs‘ latest drop other than “it’s nice”. Instantly forgettable, though.

13. Burnley

Burnley’s alternate kit takes inspiration from Turf Moor’s floodlights. Nice idea from Umbro, decent execution.

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12. Crystal Palace

Not for the first time Crystal Palace have incorporated south London-inspired graffiti into one of their kits. The end result is better than what I usually expect from these kind of efforts.

11. Bournemouth

This jersey won’t be to everyone’s liking, but Umbro have done well with this retro-inspired Bournemouth effort.

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10. Fulham

The subtle pink set against black with a geometric design looks tight, if unspectacular.

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9. Everton

I was getting ready to hate this, mainly because the grey looked very boring at a glance, but the retro feel, from the pinstripes down to the minimalist crest, is a winner.

8. Brighton

Brighton’s third kit is actually their Europa League kit, created to mark their first ever bow in the competition. So, despite the fact we’ll never see it in the Premier League, this nice white-and-marine-green gradient comes in at number eight.

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7. Luton Town

There is definitely more Umbro than we’re used to in the Premier League these days, and if it means more jerseys like this one from the English manufacturer then we will be very happy.

6. Nottingham Forest

This is a lovely navy and coral design from Adidas for Nottingham Forest’s third kit.

5. Liverpool

It’s nice to see a kit manufacturer try something a little new and pull it off. Great effort by Nike for this Liverpool jersey.

4. Man Utd

It’s sharp, clean, and a damn sight better than Manchester United‘s away kit.

3. Brentford

One more Umbro for the road – and it’s a belter. Brentford’s navy, pink and turquoise third kit sports a pattern that illustrates the wing of a bee. It looks brilliant, and as a Fulham fan that is hard for this writer to admit.

2. Man City

Another jersey reserved for European competition, Manchester City‘s third kit is sensational. Forget the lame promotional guff about it being “inspired by the electric energy of Cityzens around the globe”. The sparky pattern and neon pink details look fantastic set against the jet black top.

1. Arsenal 

Like with Manchester United, Adidas have created an awful looking away kit but made up for it with the third one. And how! The colours are perfect, the cannon crest is delightful, and the embroidered AFC lettering on the collar is a lovely touch.

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