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Francesco Totti – 10 of the best Quotes about the Italian legend

Francesco Totti, aka “The King of Rome,” called time on his glittering 25 year career with home town club AS Roma in May of 2018.

The mercurial Italian scored 307 goals in 786 games for his beloved Giallorossi, inspiring Roma to the Serie A title 2001, and provided countless moments of almost otherwordly brilliance.

Here we look at 10 of the best quotes about Rome’s favourite son by other legends of the game.


“Every player has some genius, but there’s only one Van Gogh, and there is nobody like Totti.” – Giovanni Trapattoni



“Totti is an artist of football, a true Number 10, just like I was. Totti has a genius in him that I don’t see in other players. Not even Zizou has the same kind of intuition.” – Michel Platini


 “Totti has fought so much and has won each challenge. He has given everything, putting in love on and off the pitch. For all that he has achieved, he deserves all this satisfaction. He merits all the applause. Totti is what every child dreams of being when they grow up. A fan that become a champion, a champion that becomes a symbol, a symbol that becomes a legend.” – Roberto Baggio



 “Francesco Totti is impressive. He is an example for all and someone we all look up to. He demonstrates that age is not important in football: if you feel good, you enjoy it. If you play at the level he does it’s good for him, for football and also for the children, because we give them the idea that football has no limits.” – Cristiano Ronaldo


 “Francesco is an immortal player. If he is in these conditions, with the technical skills and talent he has, he is the player that can make the difference in any situation and at any age. With the way he is playing now, he is proving, if he ever had to prove anything, that he has always been and continues to be a champion.” – Gianluigi Buffon


 “Totti is the monument of Italian football.” – Marcelo Lippi


 “Only Gigi Riva could kick the ball like him in Italy. But only with his left foot. Totti can use both feet and can hit the ball in several ways. Such champions can shoot ten times per match and eight of them are aimed on target, while five are very dangerous and can turn into a goal. Totti’s shooting qualities are unique and they will stay intact for life.” – Fabio Capello



“For me, he is one of the greatest players I have ever seen.”  – Arrigo Sacchi


 “Totti is the world’s number one.” Diego Maradona


 “It seems as if when he was born, the heavenly father said: ‘Go down there and play football and that’s it.’ And he did what he was prescribed to do.” – Luigi Riva


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