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A Look at the Premier League 2022/23

The Premier League is England’s biggest football competition, and one of the most popular national football leagues in the world. Twenty of England’s top-ranked teams compete for the Premier League title. But the EPL is not just popular in England. Fans from around the globe watch the games and cheer on their favorite clubs.

In 2022, the Premier League began in early August, and has been going strong, with a few interruptions, caused by the passing away of Queen Elizabeth II. The defending champions this time around are Manchester City, who have won the past two championships. So, in this article, we are going to look at how the EPL has gone thus far and take a look at the top ranking and worst ranking clubs.

Top Ranking Clubs

As we said, Manchester City are the defending champions. And in many people’s minds, the Blues were the favourites to win the 2022/23 edition of the Premier League as well. And certainly, Manchester City has done well for themselves. They currently hold the second ranking, having played 13 games, of which they have won 10 and only lost 1 (against Liverpool).

The club that holds the top rank this season is Arsenal. Out of the 13 matches that the Gunners played, they’ve won 11. They started the season right, winning five games in a row. Their sixth game didn’t go in their favour, as they lost 3 – 1 against Manchester United. However, they quickly recovered, winning six out of the remaining 7 games, only drawing against Southampton.

Apart from Arsenal and Manchester City, clubs worth mentioning that have stood apart in the past 3 months are Newcastle (ranked 3rd with 7 wins and only 1 loss), Tottenham (with 8 wins but 4 losses), and Manchester United, the only team this season that managed to defeat Arsenal.

Worst Ranking Clubs

We talked about the fortunate clubs. But now, let us look at the clubs whose fans are having a bad time. For example, the lowest ranking club in the 2022/23 season, Nottingham Forest, who are ranked at the 20th spot. In 15 matches, they have only won 2, one of which was against Liverpool. The rest of their matches are a mixed bag of draws and losses.

Southampton are not doing to hot either. Though they’ve done better than Nottingham, they still have lost 8 out of the 14 matches in which they’ve competed. Their three wins are nothing to write home about, with the exception of their 5th match, in which they defeated Chelsea, who are ranked in the top 10.

Other Premier League clubs that have been facing some problems in the latter half of 2022 include the Wolverhampton Wolves, who are ranked 19th, with only 2 wins and 8 losses. Bournemouth and Everton are not doing so well either. Everton has suffered 6 losses, managed 5 ties, and they’ve only won 3 matches, landing them at the 16th spot. Bournemouth is ranked 17th, with 7 losses, 4 draws, and 3 wins.

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