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Five of the Worst – Own Goals, Part 2

Sure we’ve been here before but let’s be honest, own goals are the gift that keep on giving. In our last collection we had some absolute crackers but this time we’ve gone for a mix of the bizarre and the beautiful.

Some will leave you scratching your head while others would be nailed on Goal of the Season contenders if they had been scored at the other end. Once again, sit back and enjoy some footballers being really bad at football.


1. Jeroen Zoet

This one is bad. Let’s set the scene. Feyenoord are top of the table as the season draws to a close. PSV, the two time defending Champions are hot on their heels and if they manage to avoid defeat at their rivals home ground they can keep up the pressure as they go in to the home stretch. 82 minutes gone and it’s 1-1, so far so good but then Feyenoord defender Jan-Arie van der Heijden directs a header towards the PSV goal from a corner. Jeroen Zoet the PSV ‘keeper gets behind it and seems to have made a decent save but then the buzzer on the ref’s watch goes off…




2. Adrien Gulf

Goal-line technology may have been needed for that first one but there was no doubting this goal. As a defender who has literally broken his own arm attempting a bicycle kick I can confirm that we should just stick to playing it simple and getting rid of it in the easiest way possible. Something tells me this Swiss defender will be doing the same from now on!



3. Gaziantep Buyuksehir Belediyespor

That’s not the player’s name, we don’t know who he is and to be honest he’s probably pretty happy about that. Gaziantep Buyuksehir Belediyespor play in the Turkish lower leagues and if this clip is anything to go by they might be down there for quite some time. Everything about this own goal is brilliant. This must be the first hugged goal in the history of the game.




4. Festus Baise

Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Olivier Giroud were talk of the football world with their spectacular scorpion kick goals last season but the truth is their efforts don’t hold a candle to this belter from the Hong Kong first division. If only it had been at the other end.



5. Djimi Traore

Another case of a defender failing to remember the old saying, “If in doubt, hit it out!”. It’s a top finish from the Champions League winner but you know, there’s a reason the song goes, “Don’t blame it on the Biscan, Don’t blame it on the Hamann, Don’t blame it on the Finnan, Blame it on Traore, He just can’t, he just can’t, he just can’t control his feet…”

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