Wijnaldum opens up about Milner’s importance to Liverpool

Gini Wijnaldum reveals why James Milner makes such a big impact on how Liverpool play. 

With Liverpool leading the Premier League at the moment, many of the plaudits are being directed at the team’s star players.

Mo Salah for obvious reasons, Roberto Firmino for his link-up play, Virgil van Dijk for his solidity, and Alisson Becker for his superb work between the sticks, have all received an abundance of praise for their current form, and rightly so.

But the Red’s Dutch midfielder has pointed to a less celebrated figure in the team who he believes is equally deserving of praise: James Milner.

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Wijnaldum points not just to the Englishman’s solid performances on the pitch, but how he guides the team and the advice he gives even when he’s not playing:

“It’s not only his quality that he has shown this season but also the way he treats everyone, the way he tries to help the team; even if he’s not training or playing, he always tries to help the team stay sharp and be aware of everything that can happen. He is a manager in the form of a player,” Wijnaldum told Premier League Productions.

“He was quite unlucky when he got injured [in December] but even then before games he came into the dressing room and spoke with the players, trying to keep them sharp.

“So he was always involved, even when he was not in the [match-day] 18. He was still part of the team. He would try to help the players on training days and everything.

“He has a big impact on how we perform right now.”

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