Champions League

Who will win the Champions League final?

On June the 3rd 2017 the Champions League final will take place in the Capital of Wales, Cardiff at the Millenium Stadium. The referee of the match will be German expert Felix Brych. For this purpose, William Hill bet has already announced the winning odds and it’s high time to analyse them.

According to the William Hill, Real Madrid has the slight advantage for the final win. The odds on Real Madrid’s win are 13/8 (2.63) while the chances for Juventus are 19/10 (2.90). The small advantage on the Real’s side is the consequence of their dominance both in the Spanish Primera and Champions League competition in the previous years.

On the other hand, Juventus are also in good position, thus they won National League Calcio and the team is generally in the good practice. You can click here to place your Champions League bets.

The final result of the match is another option which attracts the attention. Namely, there are 7/2 odds that Gonzalo Higuain will score 1-0 for Juventus and 20/1 odds that he will score for 2-0. The odds on the draw 0-0 are 10/11 while any other score of the match has the chance of 14/1. On the other hand, there is a chance of 3/1 that Christiano Ronaldo will score 1-0 for Real Madrid and 20/1 odds that he will score for 2-0.

In the case that 90 minutes of the match finishes in a draw, William Hill has also announced the odds for extra time win. It is interesting that the odds for extra time win are the same for both teams as they have chance 10/1 (3,75) to win in the extra time. The same is applicable in the case of penalties as both teams have the chance of 8/1 (3,75) to win.

Another interesting option on William Hill could be total match goals in the final match of the Champions League. If you prefer this option, you have to know that odds for no goals are 15/2 (8,50), for one goal 14/5, for two goals 11/5, for three goals 3/1, for four goals 11/2, for five 12/1 and lastly, for six or more goals the chances are 16/1.

If you like to bet on the scores, then you should consider odds for the first goalscorer. In the case of Juventus, the highest chance to score the first has the striker Gonzalo Higuain (4/1), followed by Paulo Dybala (6/1) and Mario Mandzukic (7/1). On the other hand, in Real Madrid, the best chance to score the first has who else than Christiano Ronaldo (7/2), who is followed by Alvaro Morata (11/2) and Karim Benzema (11/2). The odds on hat-trick are also interesting and in Juventus, Gonzalo Higuain has again the best odds of 50/1 while in Real Madrid the chances for Christiano Ronaldo’s hat trick are 35/1.So, get ready for the final match and bet according to the chances. You will certainly find the the right tip.

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