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Tweets of the Week – Alex Morgan’s tea, English tears, and the one good thing about being an Arsenal fan

Alex Morgan ruffled some fragile English hearts with her tea-sipping celebration, Newcastle United are spiralling, and one Arsenal fan finds an ingenious way to help the club buy new players.

The week started off with a good old non-controversy controversy in the English media following England’s 2-1 defeat to the “arrogant” Americans in the Fifa Women’s World Cup. Alex Morgan had the temerity to celebrate(!) her goal by pretending to sip on a cup of tea. Or mimicking a teenager taking his first drag of a joint, whichever it was, they’re hard to tell apart.

What is it about England and major tournaments that they have to stir up some kind of shit in-between matchdays? There is no narrative left unturned by the press, no matter how irrelevant it is to the game itself. Can’t wait for the men’s Euros in 2020!

A goal celebration three centuries in the making.

Sipping on tea for goal celebrations is just too far. 

You can’t help but feel sorry for the Lionesses.

I can help it, actually.

Beloved Chelsea legend Frank Lampard returned to the London club as manager this week.

This is how you back your team when they need you:

There is a silver lining for Arsenal fans, though.

Could be worse though. They could be Newcastle fans.

History repeats itself. 

Gotta maintain that 100% record.

You can take the man out of Italy…

Football is at its most joyous when you’re about three foot tall. 

Never mind the golazo, look out for the bald fella celebrating the goal here:

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