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Tweets of the Week: Coronavirus, the Premier League, and why it's not Liverpool's year

The best and funniest tweets from the world of football this week, featuring why Liverpool are cursed forevermore, Paul Pogba’s coronavirus advice, and PSG’s trolling of Erling Haaland.

I regret to inform Liverpool fans that it is not, in fact, your year. 

So close.

Like, seriously. 

No one is happy about it, of course…

“Put your hands away you f*cking idiots!”

Our TV schedules are about to get a lot worse now with no football on our screens.

Graeme Souness is 100 percent popping a blood vessel looking at this, but it’s actually good advice.

At a time like this we need puns to sustain us.

Europe, get your act together.

The stuff of nightmares.

Fair play to Aston Villa and all of the other clubs doing this:

The curse is back…

Something tells me this is going to come back to bite PSG sometime in the future.

This has finished me. 


KFC have outdone themselves with this thread, fair play.

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