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Tweets of the Week: Boris Johnson, Coronavirus and the greatest goal of the month competition ever

The best tweets of the week from the world of football, featuring a solution to concluding the season, Boris Johnson’s hands-on approach to the Coronavirus, and the greatest Premier League goal of the month competition of all time. 

The video of a young Irish child that went around the world and lightened up everyone’s week in a very strange time. 

And while we’re at it, give this kid the Puskas Award. 

In some cases though, it’s best to just leave it to the professionals. 

That said, this was a pretty pointless video from Trent Alexander-Arnold. 

Day 18 Without Football: This is what passes for sport now. 

As good a solution to finishing the Premier League season as we have heard. 

The Prime Minister is doubling his efforts to tackle this virus.

Never thought I’d see the day when Ashley Young was providing more helpful info in a Twitter thread during a health crisis than the leader of the UK, but here we are. 

Everyone showed their appreciation for those on the frontline on Thursday evening, of course.

But the PFMs never stop, not even during a pandemic. 

You can still get your football fix if your desperate…

 If you come at Rio Ferdinand, you best not miss. 

This is insanely good quality. 

As is this.

RIP to a proper football fan. 

Seriously, we’re begging you here, football: come back soon.

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