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Podcast: Best Premier League XI never to win the title

It was bit of a special pod this week as we asked the lads to sit down and thrash out the best XI never to have picked up a Premier League winners medal.

In order to keep things simple we asked each podder to pick their team in a standard 4-4-2, with the rules as follows:

“If a player is picked by two or more of the three podders they go straight into the team, but if each of Peter, Ant, and Colm pick a different player it falls on host Sam to cast the deciding vote. However, each podder has a veto vote, in case there is a player they feel really strongly should make it into the XI.”

Obviously, there have been some world-class players in most positions that were unable to lift the Premier League trophy since it came into existence 27 seasons ago. So picking this team was far from easy, although it was a really enjoyable walk down memory lane recounting tales of the great and good of yesteryear.

While some positions were unanimous picks, we had to leave out some top-class talent, despite passionate pitches from the lads. So here it is, our Best Premier League XI Never To Win The Title…

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