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Three reasons why Alexis Sanchez should have been sold in the summer

Alexis Sanchez could have left Arsenal for Manchester City on Deadline Day but Thomas Lemar declined to join the Gunners as his replacement, which meant the deal fell through. Here are three reasons why Sanchez should have been sold in the summer.

His attitude is poor

This is nothing new. Sanchez is often seen venting his frustrations at his team-mates and this is not the first season he has done so. However, Sanchez has been far from outstanding himself, so he is not really in a position to be criticising others. Sanchez lost the ball 15 times in the 3-1 defeat against Manchester City. That isn’t like him but it seems like he doesn’t care anymore.

As Tony Adams once  said: “Play for the name on the front of the shirt and they will remember the name on the back.”

It would have been a good deal for Arsenal

Sanchez is 28. He’s not getting any younger and Man City were prepared to pay up to £60m for him in the summer. Wenger was more than happy to reject the money and keep the player.

Arsenal’s boss of 21 years has a master’s degree in Economics. Surely he should know a good deal when he sees one?

His performances have been below-par this season

Most importantly, Sanchez hasn’t been playing well this season. In fact, that’s a massive understatement. The Chilean international has scored just twice for the Gunners this season in 10 appearances. One goal came in the Premier League and the other in the Europa League. For a player who clearly thinks he can do better than Arsenal, Sanchez is not doing enough to prove it this season. He is not motivated to play for Arsenal anymore and it is showing in his performances.

It was a mistake for Arsenal to keep Alexis Sanchez when he didn’t want to stay. His performances and attitude so far this season are not what is expected of a committed player.

Manchester City still retain a keen interest in Sanchez and if they make another offer in January, it would be best for all parties concerned if Arsenal accept.

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6 years ago

Agree wholeheartedly.Yet another example of the incompetence displayed by Mr Wenger

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