Liverpool captain Jordan Hebderson lifts the Champions League trophy

‘The Ultimate Professional’ – Liverpool legend Gerrard ‘proud’ of Henderson

Steven Gerrard has spoken of his pride at seeing ‘ultimate professional’ Jordan Henderson lift the Champions League trophy for Liverpool.

Henderson became the fifth captain to lift the European Cup for the Merseyside club last weekend, as goals from Mohamed Salah and Divock Origi sealed a 2-0 final win over Tottenham in Madrid.

Former Liverpool skipper Gerrard, who was succeeded by the England midfielder for the captaincy at Anfield, has spoken of his pride at seeing his former teammate achieve the ultimate success after years of dedication.

“When Jordan Henderson lifted the Champions League trophy above his head, my first feeling was one of pride,” Gerrard wrote in The Times.

“Proud that Liverpool were back at the top of European football and especially proud of Jordan, because I know how hard he works. I know the sacrifices he has made, the pressure and scrutiny that he has been under.

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“If I had to name someone I regard as the ultimate professional, then Jordan would come right at the top of the list. He is immaculate in the way he lives his life.

“Some people don’t see the stuff behind the scenes, the gym work, the way he eats, but he is an incredible role model. He is selfless. He puts himself at the back of the queue because he looks after everyone else first. He puts Jordan Henderson last.

“All of that is important but, of course, he is a top player as well. He has running power, you can trust him with the ball, has a good range of passing and, over the past few months, has risen to the challenge of pushing Liverpool forward and has come right into top form.”

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Gerrard was the last Liverpool captain to lift the famous trophy in 2005, with the Liverpool legend admitting Champions League success will change the lives of Henderson and all the players involved.

“Winning will change his life, it will change all their lives,” Gerrard added.

“People around the world knew who Jordan Henderson and all the Liverpool players were, but millions more will know about them now because the Champions League brings a worldwide audience. It is the competition everyone sees.

“He will notice that everyone will want to shake his hand and talk about Madrid. It is a life-changing experience.

“I am hoping this will become the catalyst for him to lift more trophies above his head. I know that is what he wants, the manager wants and the supporters want. I am sure Jürgen Klopp will have the team fired up to go again from the moment that they are back in pre-season training.”

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