Silva urges his Everton ‘to be ourselves’ ahead of Merseyside Derby

Marco Silva brings his Everton side to Anfield this Sunday for the 233rd Merseyside derby against Liverpool.

Everton have been much-improved in recent months and Silva seems to have a settled first-team which plays the way he wants and carries out his instructions to the finest detail on the pitch.

The Toffees have not beaten Liverpool since 2010 so Silva knows how much a victory would mean fans of the Goodison Park outfit.

However, he doesn’t want his side to approach the fixture any differently than they would against another opponent.

“What I want is to see our team to be ourselves. Nothing different from the big games we already played until now and that’s what our fans want to see – they want to see our team fight as well.” He told his pre-match press conference.

“It is a special game for our fans. They want to see us play to win. Nothing changes because we achieved sixth in the table or not.

In his only reference to any kind of caution, Silva called for his side to go toe-to-toe with The Reds but to also respect Jurgen Klopp’s team.

“I want to see us compete but also respect our opponents.” He added.

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